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Welcome to DestroyerBooks.com, home of The Destroyer, the greatest action series of all time, with over 150 books and counting. There's also information on the exciting new Legacy series, the Trace series, called "the funniest detective series of all time," and much more!

New Book!

Bully Pulpit

The Destroyer lives on! In this brand new book from Warren Murphy and R.J. Carter, Remo must untangle an evil plot of seismic proportions!

A bungling terrorist group is making a mess in Europe. It's up to Remo to track them down and clean them out before the brainless bombers strike their next target: a summit of world leaders!

As earthquakes rock the planet, Smith scrambles to find the cause, but only finds dead ends. While America's favorite preacher Billy Walker and his sultry assistants plan for Armageddon, a mysterious malady could spell the end of days for Chiun!

Remo and an exotic foreign agent must learn how to keep their secrets separate from their business—and their business separate from pleasure—as they race against time. Chiun's life is hanging by a thread, and every second that passes brings the world one step closer to extinction...

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Movie News!

Shane Black, the director of Iron Man 3, has been tapped to direct The Destroyer movie.
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