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Trial and Terror

Trial and Terror

Book 4

Marcus Eames is the world's most dangerous spy. Cold, calculating, and utterly ruthless, he is feared by nations the world over. Everyone who has tried to catch him has died...painfully. But now that his small homeland of Nauru has revoked his citizenship, he is a spy without a country—and his skills are up for sale to the highest bidder.

When a terrorist cell wants to destroy the power grid of the United States, Marcus is more than willing to help, and sets in motion a plan that plunges one of the nation's military hubs into darkness.

Stone and Freya, the lethal brother-sister duo, must step in before the rest of the USA goes dark. Trained in Sinanju, the greatest of all martial arts, no man poses a threat to them. But Stone and Freya soon find out that Marcus is no ordinary man—and that he knows enough about Sinanju to turn the tables on them...with disastrous consequences!

With Stone and Freya both injured, will they be able to survive a showdown with Marcus Eames? Or will they just be the newest names on the long list of people who died trying to catch the uncatchable spy?

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