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The Len Levinson Collection

Destroyer Books is proud to present the Len Levinson Collection. These six books are tough, honest, and just plain good. Often unexpectedly funny, and always surprising, these books are the best books you’ve never read.

Len Levinson is a master of understanding what makes characters tick. Whether it’s a tough-as-nails sergeant in World War Two (Doom Platoon) or a vicious serial killer (Without Mercy), you’ll come to know Len’s characters as well as you know a close friend.

We jumped at the chance to publish these books because we believe that good books deserve to be read. We’re very proud of them, and hope you enjoy them too.

The Bar Studs Doom Platoon Inside Job The Goering Treasure Without Mercy Operation Perfidia Hype! The Fast Life Shark Fighter The Last Buffoon