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Laughing Matter

Laughing Matter

Book 6

Yours does not.

Kwame Afoyalan is no ordinary man. He is HOMO MAGIS: a new, superior species. Haters, be warned: if you don't believe that "Homo Magis Lives Matter," you're a racist, you're a fascist—and you're next in line for execution!

After fleeing from the dictator of Bughanum, his African homeland, Professor Kwame came to Barklee College. The school's gullible, radical students quickly fell in love with his philosophy of "Weak Power," where destroying 'weaker races' is the assignment...and destroying the country is extra credit!

With an legion of clowns rallying behind Kwame's every word, will Stone and Freya be able to save an imperiled nation—or will Kwame's orange-haired army have the last laugh?

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