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Continental Divide

Continental Divide

Book 152

With the Presidential election in full swing, "crumbling infrastructure" has become far more than a political talking point: bridges are falling apart all across America, leaving CURE baffled. Is a bloom of renegade algae eating away the bridge supports? If so, why is the water still safe? Are the bridges being targeted by terrorists? If so, why are the targets deserted?

This would normally be a job for the Department of Transportation, not the assassin's art of Sinanju—but after a great scientist is abducted by aliens, and a team of amateur detectives and their dog start nosing around for clues, the mystery suddenly gets deeper, weirder, and much more dangerous than Remo and Chiun ever expected. With America's roadways on the verge of the greatest traffic jam in history, and the moon wreaking havoc on Remo's behavior, Remo and Chiun run into an old friend they had hoped never to see again. Remo had better get his head in the game, and fast, or his years of Sinanju training will be nothing more than water under the bridge!

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