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With Molly Cochran

The Broken Sword

The Broken Sword

No matter how far Arthur Blessing runs, he can't elude destiny. As the reincarnation of legendary King Arthur, he is the rightful protector of the most powerful relics in the world—the Holy Grail and the sword Excalibur. And he is bound to use those tools to keep war and chaos at bay—ushering in a new era of justice, peace, and freedom.

Helping Arthur complete his mission are the wizard Merlin, his bodyguard Hal—known centuries before as Sir Galahad—and a mysterious girl with magical secrets of her own. But Arthur and his friends aren't the only ones who seek the sword and cup. A dark sorcerer, Thatanos, will stop at nothing to possess the ancient treasures. When his lethal brand of magic proves too powerful for Arthur and Hal to combat alone, they resurrect the Knights of the Round Table. Though shocked by the sights and sounds of modern-day New York City, the knights embrace the confusing new world in order to undertake the duty they've pledged their lives to: seeing to it that Camelot may rise again.

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