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Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Book 37

The scion of an immensely wealthy family, Elmer Lippincott, Jr. just took a four-story swan dive out a Tokyo office window. More than just a personal tragedy, it's international news: the Lippincott name is synonymous with high finance, so confidence in the American dollar plummeted right along with him. Elmer's younger brother, Randall, also seems to have suffered an untimely bout of insanity—if clothes maketh the man, Randall is well and truly unmade. Only Lippincott, Sr. and a single son remain, and both fear their numbers are about to come up. With worldwide markets on tenterhooks, Remo and Chiun are sent to determine what...or who...is pushing the Lippincotts to their breaking point. The global economy hangs in the balance.

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