Everything old is new again!

Well here’s some good news for fans of the series.  We have decided to utilize the skills of a “packager” to help us get the Series’ back list out in the quality we desire.   They are putting a lot of time and energy into this.  The covers are a drastic improvement over what I was able to cobble together.  The editing and formatting issues we’ve had should now be a thing of the past.  And, hopefully they’ll be able to attract some new readers to the series with their new, updated look.

If you like the look (or even if you don’t!) leave a comment below.  Let’s get a little discussion going here!

The first of these books to be released are: #59- The Arms of Kali, #60- The End of the Game, and #61- Lords of the Earth.


If you download them, please make sure to give them GREAT reviews!  Thank you, as always.

8 thoughts on “Everything old is new again!

  1. When are number 22, 23, 24 going to be available. I have every book in the series on paperback and am now trying to get them all for kindle. I have already bought 1-50 minus those listed above. New covers look good and if you haven’t figured it out, I love this series.

  2. Red, Black, White. My absolute FAVORITE color combination! These look great! As a graphic designer by trade, I enjoy seeing these done so well. I do, however miss the older painted covers, but these are very clean, modern, and impressive designs. Once again, a great job by the villagers of Sinanju. A quality look, for a quality book!

      • At the risk of sounding like an old fart, I want them in printed book form. I want to hold it in my hand while I read it and then put it back on a bookshelf when I’m done.

        • Hi Mike! You sound like an old fart, regardless, so no worries! (;~D>

          But that desire for actual “paper” books, is not lost on us. We may do them in the future, but we have to get to that point first.

          Thanks again!

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