New: The Len Levinson Collection

The Len Levinson Collection

The Len Levinson Collection

We are happy to announce the arrival of the Len Levinson Collection, volumes 1–6, coming September 29th on Kindle, iBooks, and in paperback.

If you don’t know Len Levinson, you’re missing out — a tremendously talented writer, Mr. Levinson has written 83 novels under a vast array of various names. 22 names, to be exact.

Unlike the other books Destroyer Books publishes, these books are not part of a series; they’re just 6 interesting and well-written books from a writer that more people should know. The books are short, punchy, and absolutely unlike any other books on the market today.

These six books — with more coming in a few weeks — span a wide range of genres and subjects.

• A tough sergeant leads his soldiers at the Battle of the Bulge (Doom Platoon);
• Four policemen, unfairly fired from the NYPD, decide to rob the evidence room, which is laden with cash and drugs (Inside Job)
• A woman-hating serial killer is tracked down by a detective who worries that the killer and he share too much in common (Without Mercy)
• The lives of several different bartenders are intertwined through their friendships, lovers, and rivals (The Bar Studs)
• A wrongly-imprisoned CIA man is finally released from jail — and now, he must discover why he was jailed and who set him up (Operation Perfidia)
• Intrigue (and, occasionally, hilarity) abound in a quest to find Herman Goering’s secret treasure in the final days of WW2 (The Goering Treasure).

One thing that all the books have in common is a richly-developed set of characters. Mr. Levinson has always had a keen eye for understanding characters — their personalities, their motivations, and their thoughts. This adds a layer of richness to his books: a story about catching a serial killer is one thing, but actually seeing the crimes from the killer’s perspective — and from the perspective of the detective chasing him, too! — makes the book a satisfying (and sometimes scary!) experience.

We are proud to be able to publish these books, and we hope you enjoy reading them.

Sticky: New Destroyer Comics!


Brand new comics of the Destroyer! From the awesomely talented M. Rasheed, the first 5 books are now available. Check them out today!

Book 1: Cooking Lesson

Book 1: Cooking Lesson

Book 1: Cooking Lesson

Book 2: End Date

Book 3: Free Fall

Book 4: Focal Point

Book 5: Death Dance

First there was “New Blood.” Now there’s “More Blood!”


MORE BLOOD: An all-new anthology, written by fans of the DESTROYER, featuring 18 pulse-pounding adventures of Sinanju!

With stories by
Donna Courtois
C.E. Martin
R.J. Carter

and many other faithful devotees of the House of Sinanju!

More Remo!
More Chiun!
More Sinanju!

And, of course, MORE BLOOD.

Are you ready?

Created The Destroyer Blog Tour continues!

Here are the current batch of reviews from the Created The Destroyer blog tour.  Please check them out and leave some feedback and thanks to the reviewing sites so they know “we” are out here!

If you want to read it for yourself, click here (Created the Destroyer), and I also suggest here (The Day Remo Died) …Currently, the Kindle additions are free (in the USA at least).

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That’s it for now.  We’re up to date, but there’s still more to come.  Check out earlier reviews from the earlier posts here and here.

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Created The Destroyer Blog Tour In Full Swing…

Sphere Publishing started to promote their line of Destroyer books starting with the very first, Created The Destroyer, via an ongoing blog tour. For 47 days, “Created” will be reviewed by different bloggers across the globe. This started in August and will continue through Oct 7th.

Why not join in on the fun a write a review of your own and post it at’s “Created The Destroyer” page!  You can pick a FREE Kindle copy up there if you need one.  Also, check out “The Day Remo Died(which is free, also!)

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