Savage Song Is Back And Better Than Ever!

…Well, it never really went away.  But it’s got a brand new, amazing cover.  The new cover artwork was done by our own Jerry Welch, co-author of the Legacy Series!  He’s really quite talented (but don’t tell him we said that- it might go to his head!)

Here’s a peek at the cover…

If you haven’t read this yet, you’ve been missing out.  Besides the side-splitting, laugh out loud political satire,and there’s a bunch of it, there’s a whole lot of Chiun and his newest crush du jour.

You can find it on Amazon here:  Savage Song: A Special Edition Destroyer Novella
It is also available at and other online retailers.

It’ll be the best buck or so you’ll spend any time soon!

Everything old is new again!

Well here’s some good news for fans of the series.  We have decided to utilize the skills of a “packager” to help us get the Series’ back list out in the quality we desire.   They are putting a lot of time and energy into this.  The covers are a drastic improvement over what I was able to cobble together.  The editing and formatting issues we’ve had should now be a thing of the past.  And, hopefully they’ll be able to attract some new readers to the series with their new, updated look.

If you like the look (or even if you don’t!) leave a comment below.  Let’s get a little discussion going here!

The first of these books to be released are: #59- The Arms of Kali, #60- The End of the Game, and #61- Lords of the Earth.


If you download them, please make sure to give them GREAT reviews!  Thank you, as always.

We have our third “Savage Song” autographed cover winner…

…And congratulations go to Joseph Patrick, from Texas!  Plus Joe, you are still entered and eligible for the grand prize drawing on Monday, when we are giving away an Kindle Fire!

It’s still not too late to enter.  So, if you haven’t yet hurry over to our contest page and get entered!  It’s easy and free and happening soon!  You can find the contest info at our website…

Win a free Kindle Fire at!!

Hi All!
We just opened a contest at  It will run for approximately 3 weeks.  Each Friday a winner will be chosen. That winner will receive an autographed copy of the Cover of “Savage Song,” which comes out this Friday (3/23).  Warren Murphy signed a bunch of them yesterday, so we’re ready to go.

The Grand Prize for the contest is a brand new Kindle Fire from!  The winner will be selected at random from all the entries received (even if you win an autographed cover!) on April 9th.

The full contest page can be found via the “FREE STUFF!” link on the home page of the site.  The direct link to the page is

Leave a comment here if you get a chance.  Then I’ll know people are seeing this!

Thanks and Good Luck!