Destroyer #151: Now Available!

The Destroyer lives on!

In this brand-new book from Warren Murphy and R.J. Carter, Remo must untangle an evil plot of seismic proportions!

A bungling terrorist group is making a mess in Europe. It’s up to Remo to track them down and clean them out before the brainless bombers strike their next target: a summit of world leaders!

As earthquakes rock the planet, Smith scrambles to find the cause, but only finds dead ends. While America’s favorite preacher Billy Walker and his sultry assistants plan for Armageddon, a mysterious malady could spell the end of days for Chiun!

Remo and an exotic foreign agent must learn how to keep their secrets separate from their business — and their business separate from pleasure — as they race against time. Chiun’s life is hanging by a thread, and every second that passes brings the world one step closer to extinction…

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Savage Song Is Back And Better Than Ever!

…Well, it never really went away.  But it’s got a brand new, amazing cover.  The new cover artwork was done by our own Jerry Welch, co-author of the Legacy Series!  He’s really quite talented (but don’t tell him we said that- it might go to his head!)

Here’s a peek at the cover…

If you haven’t read this yet, you’ve been missing out.  Besides the side-splitting, laugh out loud political satire,and there’s a bunch of it, there’s a whole lot of Chiun and his newest crush du jour.

You can find it on Amazon here:  Savage Song: A Special Edition Destroyer Novella
It is also available at and other online retailers.

It’ll be the best buck or so you’ll spend any time soon!

First there was “New Blood.” Now there’s “More Blood!”


MORE BLOOD: An all-new anthology, written by fans of the DESTROYER, featuring 18 pulse-pounding adventures of Sinanju!

With stories by
Donna Courtois
C.E. Martin
R.J. Carter

and many other faithful devotees of the House of Sinanju!

More Remo!
More Chiun!
More Sinanju!

And, of course, MORE BLOOD.

Are you ready?

Legacy Book 4: Trial and Terror now available

The fourth book in the Legacy Series, Trial and Terror, is now available for purchase/download at your favorite online retailers.

Stone and Freya take on an exiled spy who has his sights trained on America.  Are our favorite Sinanju kids up to the task?

Please leave a review for it wherever you purchase it. And Tell a friend about it, as well!  Thanks!

Trial and Terror

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Created The Destroyer Blog Tour continues!

Here are the current batch of reviews from the Created The Destroyer blog tour.  Please check them out and leave some feedback and thanks to the reviewing sites so they know “we” are out here!

If you want to read it for yourself, click here (Created the Destroyer), and I also suggest here (The Day Remo Died) …Currently, the Kindle additions are free (in the USA at least).

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